Read More, Write Less: 3 Tips For Successful Blogging

Blogging, are you always anxious to publish more in a fraction of hours? You might have been making a grave mistake.

It’s not new that every newbie blogger is usually desirous to reverberate through the entire web, as swift as possible, thus concluding that the more the hits on “publish,” the closer it is to the promise land.

And the action continues, profusely…

Well done but, nothing is actually done when there’s nothing to show for it.

Stop writing! Take a moment to read.

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If you’re new to blogging, and wants to become a celebrated veteran — like everyone else — you should start doing the following.

  • Read more; write less

A popular principle of how to become a prolific writer is to write massively and read likewise. However, a disproportionate action has never helped anyone. If you want to be more productive, as a writer, you must endeavour to immerse yourself in reading.

One more thing…

The first purpose of your blog is to share knowledge. Remember. As such, you must always keep yourself updated — with the new trends in your niche — and be ready to see beyond your personal views if you wish to become a standout.

If you want to write with more wits, start patronizing more writers.

Again, reading others avails you the chance to learn new/more ideas, and consequently widen your perspectives. It doesn’t end there; it informs you of the voids that your next writing should address. It just sets you on the right track.

  • Do some research

Reality check: if reading is essential to expanding knowledge, research is fundamental to releasing nuggets of contributions that won’t make you sound petty.

In this way, either to shoot an add-on or to fill a vacuum (realized from reading), research is the only tool to make yourself awesome to both writers and readers in your niche. I mean, by this, a research that is aimed at conveying a deeper sense, not copy and paste.

“Research gives you a steady increase in terms of reasonability, productivity, and authority rankings.”

So you might start publishing lesser than before, but the truth is, your next rounds of blogs are just going to start making sense. High-value sense!

Start checking from the metrics.

As Beth Hayden would put it, good research also leads directly to more click-throughs, better opt-in rates, more social media shares, better search engine rankings, and more conversions.

  • Spice it up with images

The game has changed. It’s now time to add a spice that works — big time. Are you in?

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Let’s face it — pictures are one of the most engaging forms of web contents. A blog post with well-placed illustrative images has a superiority effect over a random spreadsheet of write-ups.

Remember, the reason why you’re quick to publish incessantly is to win an audience, online. But which one would you do more if I tell you: “articles with images get 94% more total views than non-image articles?”

It’s not always the number of posts; this little spice increases your readers, subscribers, followers, and leads.

As you continue blogging, which one would you do more?

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