How To Write For Millennials (And Increase Your Online Success)

Why write for millennials? Why is it so important to entice the digital natives with adorable content?

Research says the millennial generation is the most populous in human history and, at the same time, the largest online community of readers.

Nielsen’s Q1 2016 Total Audience Report provides an in-depth analysis of how many hours Millennials spend daily on content consumption. According to the study, the digital generation is glued to screens up to 18 hours per day — more hours than they spend on any other thing.

So, either it’s an incisive blog post or a marketing content (aimed at growing your reach, engaging prospects, and generating more leads); your audience is dominated –without any competition– by Millennials.

It is as such in your best interest to understand what resonates with them, and how to get it done.

Here’s a quick guide on how to write for millennials, and make the most of the online community.

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  1. Understand the millennial culture (and write in tandem)

Contrary to popular belief, Gen Y reads more than Gen X-ers. However, the millennial culture of reading, like every other thing about the generational shift, is quite distinctive.

To give a clue, the fundamental, millennials are not generous enough to read more than 28% of the words during an average visit, according to Jakob Nielsen. Worst enough, they are only likely to consider 20%. The direct meaning here is that out of every 500-word post, only 100 is likely to be considered by this unique set of readers.

The millennial generation is digital. So it is fundamental for writers to understand the culture, one that consumes hugely in a highly distracted manner.

  1. Show them you’re worth the attention

Putting aside the fact that your information must cater for their immediate need (of whatever sort), another important thing is that your communication must flow in tandem with their style. Millennials would never compromise their style. So, you’re only daydreaming if you’re writing in a 19th-century pattern.

In the most possible informal way, you must speak with high servitude when you write for Millennials. Also, endeavour to make the most of their short attention by balancing between clarity and brevity.

One more thing, Millennials are exceptionally curious, and that’s a huge chance for you. In case you wish to lure them in, here are few tips to go about that:

  • Hook them with a must-click headline, e.g. “The Only Reason Why Your Annual Resolutions Fail (And How To Stop That)”
  • Start with a teaser: a shocking statistic, a thought engaging fact, or an interesting anecdote.
  • Deliver the promise right away.
  • Validate your points with fantastic references.
  • Whatever the value, ensure your content doesn’t bore the soul.

The above are just a few tips you need to write for millennials. So I don’t expect you to limit yourself just to that. Be creative, and dig deeper to unravel more ways to prove your worth as a millennial writer — and stand out from the crowd.

  1. Making it longer can be sometimes necessary

The truth is that Millennials want to-the-point articles. However, scratching the surface might receive less appreciation when the task requires you to dig (a little bit) deeper.

For instance, a piece on how to market to millennials would live up to the task by giving a detailed analysis. Not only that, short visuals, infographics, and chats are indispensable tools to prove the point.

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Millennials are quick to access information. Nevertheless, they are very decisive when it comes to turning down the good-for-nothing. So you have to fill the lines with genuine values if you want to retain their loyalty.

NOTE: Contents that meet this need include those that solve problems, offer accurate information, educate, and whatnot. Additionally, articles that make millennials feel elated work so well with them e.g. “How Social Media Makes The Millennial Age Outstanding.”

Take Away:

If you’re looking to increase your online success, then you should write for millennials. You should use impeccable content to turn them to die-hard fans and consumers (in case you provide services). It is very easy. Because there are no complicated rules.

Start by using the methods in this guide. However, it also pays to learn more skills and sharpen your tactics, further.

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