3 Cs of Blogging Foundation (Learn The Pros and Cons)

The foremost mistakes at the foundation of blogging are the reasons why millions of the millions of daily-created blogs are abandoned 2–3 weeks, later.

What a fall at the first hurdle!

Either you want to become an esteemed writer, a sought-after author, or a successful digital entrepreneur; a solid foundation is a must in your pursuit. This post will whisk you through the simple-but-effective ways to hoist a successful blog.

I call them “the 3 Cs of blogging foundation”.

1. Content

What’s a great content?

An astounding content is every blog post that solves certain problems, consistently.

Think of it this way: millions of questions are asked on the Internet, every second. You absolutely have great stuff if the smallest chunk of that number could find something helpful on your blog.

How to write one (summary)

Precisely, parts of the many ways to craft compelling contents are simplicityclaritystraight-to-the-point approach, and meaningful research where needed. Also, a quality content often articulates a singular idea that is well narrowed, explained, and organized in an appealing manner (nice headings and subheadings).

While keyword is another important element, another hint, here, is the need to keep your contents “evergreen” i.e. constantly relevant, updated, and problem-solving.

Well, some hands find this quite easy in a default matter.

2. Copyright

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On the web, not just the academia, copyright infringement remains illegal by violating Internet etiquettes. However, I’m not here to discuss the laws of blogging, I just want to give quick insights into the essentiality of copyrighted contents. But still, note again that Google serves severe punishment against violators, in the internet of things.

For the few reasons below, stepping further, it will be crystal clear why originality is fundamental.

• Credibility: no shortcut, being the authentic owner of an idea/content is the only way to stand out against the crowd. Even if it has been discussed in a thousand of articles, your new opinion on a topic is much awaited by millions of people. Why don’t you grab them by the heart?

• SEO: if you want Google to recognize you and rank your contents, as a blogger or whatever, you must take original blog posts more seriously.

• Influence: Immediately you’re found credible — both by man and engine — your personality automatically amasses some levels of influence over your audience. It get’s to a point where you become an authority they want to obey, all things being equal.

3. Consistency

What then?

Consistency, as popularly defined, is the adherence to the same principles in a steadfast way. In this respect, a habitual adherence to the preceding rules is a fundamental foundation of blogging, if not the most essential.


Always remember, finally, that blogging is not a snapshot decision. It’s a commitment to a great responsibility.

Consistency at blogging or the aforementioned principles, which one is the best? I will simply ask you to leverage all together for maximum success.

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